No Kidding with our Kids mission is organizing after-school activities for the youth (ASA After School Activities Programs) in the fields of education, creativity and recreation.

The program also includes offering a healthy lunch for the youngsters when they arrive after school. The lunch will be prepared by the youngsters themselves under the guidance of a cook, as a part of their learning process.

These ASA-Programs started in 1996 after hurricane Luis, particularly for youngsters of underprivileged families, and children with social difficulties of single mothers.

No Kidding with our Kids looks after 150 children in the age range of 4 – 16 years.

Besides giving the children a sense of family atmosphere, the organization looks after support and guidance in doing homework as well as activities in the fields of handicrafts and sports. Additionally norms and values are passed on, while social skills (competencies) are also imparted.

As part of the program No Kidding with our Kids organizes meetings for both parents and children.

In September 2017 Sint Maarten was struck once again by a hurricane Irma.

The clubhouse of Scouting District Sint Maarten, where 35 children gather every Saturday, did unfortunately suffer mayor damages.

At No Kidding with out Kids request our Institution contributed with subsidizing this clubhouse with a hurricane roller shutter.

A 3-days workshop on Teambuilding, communication and training on the quality of work for the ASA programs was organized in 2018 for the leaders of the ASA programs.  The program was made with the themes: – teambuilding – conflict styles – personal growth- communication – organization.

This will give the leaders an opportunity to show their talents and skills and keep the team spirit going.