The late Adrianus (“Ad”) Kooyman together with his spouse Hannie, founders of the Kooyman Group of Companies, are persons that have always been sensitive to the needs of their fellow human beings in general and those of the community, in which they lived/live respectively, more specifically.

These companies have therefor always contributed to the community, not only by generating jobs, but also by way of support for private individuals, as well as charitable projects and purposes.

The children of these founders, just as committed as their parents, have continued to provide such support and contributions to the communities in which they live and operate.

The idea of this Kooyman generation, to formalize its contributions to society through a charitable foundation, had been considered for quite some time and the 75th anniversary of the initial founding of the Kooyman Group of Companies marked the right moment to do so. The foundation, “Fundashon Konstruí Awe i Mañan”, has been established.

This generation of the Kooyman family and the Kooyman companies shall be funding the foundation. This way our foundation will be enabled to deliver additional contributions to the communities that allowed them to establish flourishing businesses.

The focus will be on projects that promote self-reliance and Fundashon Konstruí Awe i Mañan shall see to the proper allocation of the funds, contributed by it, to the approved projects.