Brigada di Seguridat & Formashon (BSF) contributes to the physical, mental, cognitive and social development of the Youth and enhances the sense of responsibility, discipline, trust and self-esteem of their members.

The following trainings were held for the 400 members of BSF:

  • In the field of general education and social skills
  • In the field of leadership for the BSF members, supervisors, trainers and mentors
  • Physical trainings, consisting of gymnastics, mountain climbing/rappelling, swimming, running, self-defence and cycling.

In addition:

  • Information sessions for parents were organized, mainly to improve communication between parents and their child/children as well as giving additional tips regarding parenting. Individual coaching sessions were held and personal guidance of parents and children was given, if and when indicated as necessary.
  • Spotswear for 500 youngsters was supplied.
  • Guidance and mental trainings by Social Worker & Psychologist were provided, consisting of workshops, lectures and special sessions designed to upgrade the level of general knowledge and social skills of the youngsters.

These trainings and programs are designed to provide our youngsters with choices and new opportunities, as well as to empower them. The leaders, trainers and mentors are already applying the acquired leadership skills in their daily work and in the BSF activities.