‘Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science’

In May 2017 ‘Fundashon Desaroyo í Progreso started the project “An Hour of Code”.

Approximately 500 children of 22 schools, where “FDP” is actively providing after-school education, got acquainted with computer programming in a playful way.

This activity was organised within the context of a worldwide program geared towards acquiring 21st century skills such as logical thinking and working in a solution-oriented (problem solving) manner.

The project was organised in three(3) stages or blocks each of approximately seen(7) weeks.

During that period 54 children participated.

Every week at another school and from Monday through Thursday two(2) hours a day were spent on programming, using an online computer game on the website www.code.org . The children worked in teams of two (2) on tablets connected to the internet. On the last day of the course a competition was held, followed by handling out of certificates to those who completed successfully.

The children were handed short manuals to take home so that they could continue exercising at home.

Fundashon Konstrui Awe í Mañan subsidized the acquisition of the tablets and will continue with the program ‘Luna di Stima’ for 11 schools.