“Fundashon” Negoshi Pikiña’s mission is :

To stimulate entrepreneurship amongst the youth by providing them with relevant information and by promoting alliances with and between students, teachers, educational institutions on the one hand and on the other hand with government agencies and the business community.

Negoshi Pikiña Bonaire approached our Institution for a subsidy for Curacao and Bonaire.  Our Institution chose to first sponsor a pilot project on Bonaire.

This project aims at supporting the youngster with establishing micro businesses, by coaching and mentoring them.

The pilot group started in October 2017. The project is based on two(2) tracks:

  • “Our Community”
  • “Junior Achievement” start-up (set up a mini business)

Age group: 10 – 24 years

The program consists of presentation of lesson materials on this subject. These lessons support the pupils/students in building their skills, such as:

-making of choices – thinking along solution-oriented lines (problem solving manner – critical thinking – interpretation of situations through role-plays.

The program “Entrepreneurship” guides the youngsters in setting up and managing mini businesses, so that they gain experience in entrepreneurship. The pupils/students that follow these programs, learn to appreciate entrepreneurship and find motivation in becoming entrepreneurs themselves. As a consequence they may become enabled to work towards improving the quality of their lives.

The pilot project in Bonaire was terminated successfully and our Institution has approved the subside of a similar program in Curacao.